Hello and welcome! My name is Vilnis Husko. I love creating videos that carry positive energy far beyond our daily lives. Explore my gallery and blog to see what I’ve been working on. Contact me when you are ready to discuss that video project you have in mind.

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A look from a different perspective

Have you felt like your life should be better than it has been? 

Have you thought about what are you willing to give to live a better life? 

I’ve come to the conclusion that we can start to live a better life just by appreciating the simple things like a sunrise, or the fact that you wake up each morning and have the opportunities to live this day like you wish. 

Those things alone should be plenty to energize us for the day ahead.

Live one day at a time! Be content! 

Day 10

There’s something great about living in a small town. You can easily walk around the whole town in a day. As you walk the streets, You most likely will meet someone you know. There’s minimal rush hour traffic. You tend to feel like a part of the community instead of being lost in a crowd. Whenever … Continue reading Day 10

Day 9

The whole space with planets and all reminded me this bucket with currants. and so I grabbed my phone and filmed the necessary video clip for the montage.

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Here is a small sample of my work.

Alexandr Anferov falling for ice
Sculptors Aleksander and Pavel
Aspiring Latvian sculptor Zīle
Sculptor Yura Mistriukov
“Tīreļu Dzītuve”
Waste management plant in Latvia
Usma Spa un Kempings 
 Cobbler Voldemārs Husko
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