Day 6

Marija Husko

Challenges are never easy. Only when you challenge yourself, you learn new things. Today is no different, I noticed that I’m struggling with video editing. It takes more time to edit than actually filming stuff. Especially when you have not planned ahead of time and you are stuck with footage you got. I understood that I’m going to be exhausted very soon if I don’t change something. Besides my filming wish list, I also have a to-do list. Like pruning cherry trees, chauffeur a friend for a day and so on. So these long days are revealing my soft spots just nicely.

One thing everyone should try at least once, in their life, is to film yourself doing something.  You quickly realize how hard it is to make it look interesting or entertaining when you are playing it back. I consider my self lucky, more often than not, I’m in the right spot at the right time. I get lucky catching a good shot. But you can’t build a business on luck alone.  That’s why I’m relentless in my pursuit to become considerably better at this video game.

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