Day 7

Photo by Syed Abdullah on

The seventh day throws a curve ball. I did not expect to struggle with this day. My friend Valdis asked if I could go with him to Liepāja city. Of course I agreed as I hoped it would give me something new to film for today’s video. And I enjoy spending time behind the wheel. Plus being in a car with someone for good chunk of time gives excellent opportunity to talk and get to know each other. But since I had not prepared for filming anything. My run and gun through Liepāja was something of a rush. Once I got home I looked at the footage and realized that there’s nothing worth making in to a video. It sucks when something goes wrong. I didn’t want to give up. And I wanted to try something that reminds stop motion video. I rushed to get the video done before the midnight. And the most ridiculous video got uploaded.

This day taught me that you have to plan your time with camera no matter what. And making a script is not a luxury but necessary for video to come out the best it can.

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