Day 9

Photo by Pixabay on

I’m starting to feel more exhausted every day. The late night video editing is cutting into my beauty sleep and I’m only 9 days into my challenge. This is no cakewalk that’s for sure. So today I wanted to learn some useful trick in editing. I’ve seen this video transition where you zoom in or zoom out to outer space. I wanted to learn how to make it by replicating this transition. First of all, I needed some footage that could work for this project. So I jumped on my bike and rode over to my mom’s house where they were picking white currants. Of course, I joined them to help out. As I was filling a bucket with berries an idea struck me. This bucket with currants reminded me of the outer space with planets and all the galaxies. So I grabbed my phone and filmed the necessary video clip for the montage. Of course, you could go and buy this type of transition from anyone who has made it. But since I’m trying to learn something new here. I saved my money and built this transition myself.

Today’s valuable lesson for me was the need for scheduling not just my working hours but also my downtime. Either because I’m getting older or because I’m not getting enough sleep. My body starts feeling drowsy even mid-summer when there’s plenty of sunlight. Health before anything else I say! I bet there’s nobody who can be on the top of their game while feeling tired and sick. So my advice is to plan your schedules but please make your health a priority for your self as no one else will.

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