Day 7

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The seventh day throws a curve ball. I did not expect to struggle with this day. My friend Valdis asked if I could go with him to Liepāja city. Of course I agreed as I hoped it would give me something new to film for today’s video. And I enjoy spending time behind the wheel. Plus being in a car with someone for good chunk of time gives excellent opportunity to talk and get to know each other. But since I had not prepared for filming anything. My run and gun through Liepāja was something of a rush. Once I got home I looked at the footage and realized that there’s nothing worth making in to a video. It sucks when something goes wrong. I didn’t want to give up. And I wanted to try something that reminds stop motion video. I rushed to get the video done before the midnight. And the most ridiculous video got uploaded.

This day taught me that you have to plan your time with camera no matter what. And making a script is not a luxury but necessary for video to come out the best it can.

Day 6

Marija Husko

Challenges are never easy. Only when you challenge yourself, you learn new things. Today is no different, I noticed that I’m struggling with video editing. It takes more time to edit than actually filming stuff. Especially when you have not planned ahead of time and you are stuck with footage you got. I understood that I’m going to be exhausted very soon if I don’t change something. Besides my filming wish list, I also have a to-do list. Like pruning cherry trees, chauffeur a friend for a day and so on. So these long days are revealing my soft spots just nicely.

One thing everyone should try at least once, in their life, is to film yourself doing something.  You quickly realize how hard it is to make it look interesting or entertaining when you are playing it back. I consider my self lucky, more often than not, I’m in the right spot at the right time. I get lucky catching a good shot. But you can’t build a business on luck alone.  That’s why I’m relentless in my pursuit to become considerably better at this video game.

day 5

Vilce Nature park

 That bike ride yesterday was awesome. But today’s blog is about learning to say yes to new opportunities. A few months back I noticed facebook add for a disc golf event in Vilce.  Since this sounded like an interesting and not yet very popular activity in Latvia I decided to make a little video about it. I’ve played this game a couple of times in my life and it is a lot of fun. You never know who you will meet when you step outside your door in the morning. That is why I always look at forward to new acquaintances. At the disc golf park in Vilce, I met with Vladimir and after verifying that I can film the event I set out to chase a group of locals who played through the course. 

So about saying Yes to new opportunities. First of all, you have to get your ass up and go to places you haven’t been and meet with new people. Then you have to be sincere and truthful while you are doing it. I had zero expectations while filming this video. But the next day after I posted the video, Vladimir contacted me offering to help the Vilce people with bringing awareness to terrible road condition leading up to the town. I gladly accepted as this gave me a real story to film and someone would get a use out of it. 

Yes, I am a simple man with simple needs. I feel joy when I am useful to others. It gives me pleasure to be able to help. And I hope that my work conveys that. There are opportunities everywhere, especially outside your own comfort zone. So take a chance because each new person you meet can be your new friend! 

day 4

The Baltic beach 2018

Today is an early morning. I had to meet up with my friend Nauris. We planned to do a bike ride so I figured why not to test my ability to film something vlog style featuring him. It was going to be a long day so I packed rather light. My gear consisted of a power bank for my phone. manfrotto mini tripod. The Samsung NX10 that was gifted to me by a friend. A towel, fresh pair of the socks, water bottle and some snacks. 

Nauris started his day with vlogging into his GoPro. I figured that it would come out kind of cool to mash up one event from different cameras. Day turned out to be a scorcher our goal was to make it to the dunes to do some trail riding. But it was so hot that after a few uphills we rode down to the beach for a swim. Thereafter we decided to have a lunch and have a talk on camera. But since I was unprepared for this we mainly just had a good time having conversations about life.

This is what I learned from this day. You can never shoot too much B-roll. Always have some water with you. Plan your meal when out for a whole day. Can’t shoot an interview without a mic on the subject in an outside restaurant setting. That’s why that footage wound up on cutting room floor.  But hey, now I know something that I can improve on!

Day 3

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I Love my dad! He is a true inspiration for anyone really. A few days ago when I was talking with him he mentioned that there’s no work in mid-summer. He gets up in mornings and goes to work and sits around waiting for someone to show up with a broken shoe. I’ve realized that a person who has been an honest hard worker all his life can go mad being in a standby mode.   So I figured I try to help him out and make a short clip that might remind approximately 100 of my followers to service their shoes at his shop. Yes, everything you consume on the screens is made to gain your attention. That’s how advertising works. 

I was getting my boots out of the drawer and I had a vision that it would be cool to follow the shoe to the cobbler. As if to remind that’s where you should take your worn down shoe for repair. From the previous videos, I realized that to make something someone would want to watch it has to be engaging. That’s where the B-Roll comes in to play. That is various shots placed in a sequence that adds visuals to the main story.

I wanted to make this video as a surprise for him. So most of it was shot with my dad not even noticing what the heck am I doing with a camera in my hand. After I got all of the footage I thought I need. I rushed home to do the edit and post the video. After the video was up the next morning I was surprised to see that video has been liked 20 times and shared 16 times with about 1000 views and 4 messages. That made me happy, people recognizing my dad and are showing him real internet love. That was awsome! At the end of it all, some customers came to visit him. But he was surprised that so many people watched his video on the internet. And I said that Is because you are special and well-known master of your craft.