Day 10

My city Jelgava

There’s something great about living in a small town. You can easily walk around the whole town in a day. As you walk the streets, You most likely will meet someone you know. There’s minimal rush hour traffic. You tend to feel like a part of the community instead of being lost in a crowd.

Whenever I’m out on my walks or bike rides I have been collecting various shots of the landmarks around the town. And today I had yet another idea of trying something out I haven’t done before. I’ve done a few time-lapses but by adding movement to the camera they become even more interesting to watch and then they are called motion lapse. Keep in mind this video was done with my very basic camera setup. A cheap wide angle lens attachment that I picked up on my business trip to Sweden. My iPhone 7 and a Manfrotto mini tripod that I was holding in my hand while riding a bicycle.

After editing and uploading my video. I was surprised at how well it was received. people were sharing it and liking it non stop for a few days, I would say that at least half of the Jelgava population has seen it by looking at numbers.

My take away from this day is, people, like to feel a part of a group, a community and they share interests. My videos, in general, are like a surprise you never know what’s going to be in the next video or what it’s going to be about. I understand that if I want to be successful I should pick a theme and stick with it. That day is coming, for now, I’m practicing trying to learn all I can. I thank you for being a patient follower and supporting me in my journey with your likes and shares.

Day 2

Sunrise in Jelgava

Would you look at that beautiful and sunny morning. I promised myself that Today I was going to make something better than yesterdays last video at last minute. So I started to think what can I show that might be informational and interesting to watch but at the same time is very common and mundane.

Mom called and said it would be nice if you could come over and mow the lawn. That’s it I’ll do a video of how to properly check your lawnmower and do mowing and clean up. Nice and short video should have plenty of things to show with two camera angles. Two things became apparent, tripod or a stand of any sort is a necessary thing! And when acting stuff out a monitor is necessary or you become slow with recording your errors and adjusting framing in post. Everything I’ve done has been run and gun style. Making something look good as we are used to see on tv is where the magic happens.  

P.S. Great big thank you to my friend Dimars for gifting me his camera to help me out in this early stage.  

Hello world

Regarding the title of this post, I guess that’s how most people react to moment when they realize their insignificance of their own being. But if, in that moment, you are able to say “fuck it, I’m going for it!” you will succeed!

Photo by Pixabay on

I have lived a colorful life. I always kept busy helping others, doing all the chores and always loved to talk a lot. When I was 9, I got a hold of a dual tape recorder and me and my friend Dimars use to record our own talk shows about various topics. To me, that’s so called Podcasting now days. That’s why I’m thinking of setting up a podcast in near future. Would you be interested to listen couple of guys talking?

I’m going to challenge myself to write little something for next 45 days on my blog page. I’ll start by following my previous video challenge of 45 days. I’m still kind of fresh from that experience to where I believe I should write it down before I forget with time that I did that. And what I have learned from it.