Day 8

I feel an unmeasurable amount of gratitude for my parents. They are no doubt the greatest support in my life. I want to say thank you for being there for me every single time I’ve been down.

Husko family the Great Grandparents

Today I made a plan! I even wrote it down in a notebook. I was determined not to mess up again in spite of yesterdays disappointing video. I convinced my dad to give me a short interview and we wound up talking for 20 minutes about life and shoes since hi is a cobbler. Even mom wanted to join in on the fun towards the end. You see when you realize that today you look better than you will in the future, then please don’t hesitate to create a memory for your great-grandchildren and next generation to come. So often we take older and wiser people for granted. But we should learn to listen to what they have to say. They are twice as experienced as you and me at this time. ( I hope my average reader is 30-45). Here is the deal. Creating even one minute video with multiple shots on different locations takes time. I chose my family for this shoot because I have years and years of family events in pictures and video. I’m like the Memory Keeper for our family. Just so happens that any time I’m out doing stuff, I try to make a few shots and videos of it. Why you ask? Stock Footage. Most likely you will make a better video if you are able to make it visually appealing to the viewer by using lots of B-roll.

And just so happens the other day Family went out on a boat ride for a picnic. Dad tried to catch some fish and I was filming everything that moves and even if it doesn’t. Also Latvian song and dance festival just concluded a few days ago. I had some footage that I filmed of people walking by from a low angle. That came up useful in this production.

So my take away from this day. It’s a great idea to document everything as much as you can. There’s never too much B-roll if you keep it organized and sorted. And Someday your hard work will be appreciated mainly by yourself and next in kin.