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Vilce mansion 

Elita Priedniece

I have organized events in Vilce manor for several years now.  And since this was the final event of the tourist season, I wanted to immortalize it not only as a photo but also as a video. Back in the summer, I noticed that Vilnis Husko had posted a video about disk golf in Vilce’s Nature Park. And video about the “beautiful” road through Vilce. I liked the video composition and found it interesting. So I decided to invite him to film the event at “Legend night”. His approach to filming was interesting and with his own thought and an ambitious view. It was not just a simple video roller with some kind of views. He managed to squeeze in an interview and a complete event story in just a few minutes of video. Thank you Vilnis Husko for an interesting approach to advertising.

Vilces muiža

Ingūna Čata 

Winners circle

I was very, very surprised. I was thinking of a very simple video, but you got the  full story – It even reminded me a real television program! Great job! Sincerely, thank you very much! My idea was that there would be a shot of the repair shop, how he drives his car out from a shop, but you caught a complete sensation and a full story! I didn’t know that my husband could talk so fluently and explain so much …. I’m really shocked! Andris godmother Solveiga wrote to us – Andris is talking !!!! How is Andris speaking so much, it’s a real shock to everyone! What did you do with him, how did you open up this person?

You are sensible person and know how to present others, and that is your greatest value! We had modest expectations but you gave us such an emotional and beautiful VIDEO (story). Andris was so excited, sent me message early in the morning saying how surreal it is to be looking at yourself in a video!

Thank you, Vilnis, for your ability to dive into the story and not spearing your time or advice!

AČ Serviss